Fully Managed DaaS from Amazon Workspaces

AWS Solutions Group is an Amazon Desktop-as-a-Service Solutions Provider

Amazon Web Services Desktop-as-a-Service (AWS-DaaS) for remote workforces is an Amazon Workspaces solution. Unlike Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), DaaS does not require costly in-house servers, software, hardware, licensing and an IT team to manage it all. Their cloud-based version of VDI is a fully managed and secure DaaS solution that streamlines desktop deployment and accessibility no matter where in the world you are.


Get up to 5 AWS Workspaces securely connected to your network and we’ll also include up to 3 business applications free to use for up to 15 business days.

Secure, Dedicated Cloud Workspaces for a Flexible Workforce

AWS-DaaS is the perfect choice for businesses seeking new ways to work virtually. With little to no disruptions to normal operations, AWS Solutions Group makes it easy to move your business to the cloud. Working remotely, employing talent across the globe and keeping both company data as well as client information secure shouldn’t break the bank or be confusing. Learn more below about some of the amazing benefits we can offer you once you adopt Amazon’s Desktop-as-a-Service.

Secure Computer Desktops

AWS DaaS solutions offer enterprise level security to protect both company and client data against cyberattacks, breaches or catastrophic data loss.

End-to-End Management

AWS Solutions Group is your IT team. We handle all your DaaS requirements including consultation, cloud adoption, migration, management, scaling and deployment.

Access the Most Scalable DaaS Solution Today

It should come as no surprise that Amazon Web Services is the most adopted Desktop-as-Service model. Amazon gives SMBs and large scale enterprises an affordable option to not only automate their business processes but to digitize the workplace as well. The pay-as-you-go feature eliminates having to pay for options and services you don’t need. Plus you’ll save money by repurposing most or all of the devices you currently use such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

Partnering with AWS Solutions Group gives you 24/7 access to an experienced IT team that can resolve issues, manage your network, assist in scaling operations up or down and increase productivity while reducing company spending. 

Cost Effective

Eliminate expensive office space, software and hardware. Only pay for the resources you use.

Easy To Manage

Easily add or remove users and deploy business apps corporate-wide in minutes.

Fast & Familiar

Remotely access the same desktops, documents and resources securely from the device of your choice.

Enable BYOD Initiatives

No expensive hardware. AWS runs on a variety of devices including Bring Your Own Device options.

Transition to a Remote Workforce

Secure DaaS & AWS End User Computing

Amazon’s Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a simple yet high-performance solution accessible anytime, from anywhere, on any supported device. Hosted desktops allow remote teams to collaborate quickly and effectively without compromising security. AWS Solutions Group can help your business or organization transition to a remote workforce by integrating your current network with Amazon Workspaces.

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Dedicated Support

Our experts are available 24×7 by phone, chat or email. You’re guaranteed a quick response and resolution to all your AWS DaaS issues.

Industry Specific Daas

Different industries require different desktops. We offer DaaS solutions for many sectors including healthcare, legal and finance.

Business Continuity

Secure, remote access allows your business to keep running in the event of a natural disaster, pandemic or other unforeseen event.

Cost-Effective Managed Cloud Desktops for Office Hoteling

Utilize Amazon Web Services and DaaS to maximize your office space and workforce with hoteling. This reservation-based style of office management allows companies to offer a hybrid telecommuting experience, lower overhead and increased productivity. AWS business applications and company resources are always secure and accessible on any device from home, work or on-the-go.

Optimize Your Existing Workspace

Save money by maximizing affordable, smaller office spaces with flexible staffing and scheduling options.

Collaboration & Teamwork

Giving employees flexibility and mobility with hoteling and work from home options that unlocks their productivity.

Hoteling & hosted Desktops

Perfect for startups, consolidating companies, remote teams, satellite offices and visiting consultants.

AWS DaaS Provider Serving South Florida Business Owners

AWS Solutions Group is an Amazon DaaS provider based in Palm Beach County, FL. We offer cost-effective managed cloud desktops for businesses, startups, corporations and organizations. Our specialty is hosted desktops for industries such as the legal, insurance, medical field, manufacturing, and financial sectors. If you’re ready to reduce business spending and increase productivity, we can easily design, launch and manage as many AWS desktops as you need.