Amazon Workspaces 101

Amazon Workspaces is Amazon’s cloud-based, managed desktop service. Simply put, it gives businesses the ability to create virtual desktops that are accessible from anywhere, at any time, from any supported device. Employees can seamlessly shift from the office to working from home with confidence. The flexibility of AWS Workspaces allows enterprises to adapt quickly and affordably to changing business landscapes.

Amazon’s Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) virtualizes the end-user computing needs of your entire workforce, reducing operating costs by eliminating the need for expensive servers, hardware or complex software. With all data securely hosted by the AWS Cloud, desktop deployment and collaboration is easier than ever for you, your remote employees and even your IT team.

 AWS Solutions Groups offers expert cloud adoption, AWS support and management for all SMBs and corporations looking for a cost-effective, end-user computing solution.

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